Description of the result you can expect to see in your children as they graduate from Latin American School.

Student Profile

We are committed to aid in the student’s development so that he/she can become:

a) A GOOD COMMUNICATOR: One who is capable of using both the Spanish and English languages orally and in written form to communicate ideas clearly and fluently.

b) INQUISITIVE: One who debates, analyzes, and reasons situations, identifies problems, formulates questions, emits judgments, proposes solutions, applies strategies, and makes decisions; values others’ reasoning and evidence, and can modify his/her points of view accordingly.

c) ANALYTICAL: One who looks for, selects, analyzes, evaluates, and uses information from various sources; interprets and explains social, economical, financial, cultural, and natural processes to make individual or collective decisions which favor everyone.

d) PROACTIVE IN HIS/HER COMMUNITY: One who acts with social responsibility and service-oriented attitude; concerned with improving his/her environment and creating a positive impact upon it.

e) GLOBAL: One who makes being intercultural his/her wealth and practices coexisting in social, cultural, and linguistic diversity.

f) HONEST: One who is trustworthy and defends his/her values and beliefs; knows and values his/her traits and potential as a human being; knows how to work collaboratively; recognizes, respects, and appreciates others’ diverse capabilities, and undertakes and strives to achieve personal or collective projects.

g) CARES FOR HIM/HERSELF: One who promotes and takes responsibility for his/her health and the environment, to create conditions which favor an active and healthy lifestyle.

h) CREATIVE AND REFLEXIVE: One who takes advantage of the technological resources at hand as the medium to communicate, obtain information, and build knowledge; recognizes various forms of art, appreciates aesthetic dimension, and is capable of artistic expression.