About Latin


To provide our students with a high level,
integral, trilingual education that provides
them with values and encourages their
development as future leaders, committed
to their society and their environment.


To develop aptitudes, abilities, criteria,
and attitudes, with high standards, in order
to form exemplary individuals prepared for
overall success in life.


Latin American School is an educational institution based in Nuevo Leon, founded in 1973 by a group of teachers who dreamt of creating a school system where they could better educate their own children; with the aim to provide the highest level of scientific, mathematical, social, artistic, sports, and linguistic knowledge, including the mastery of three languages: English, Spanish, and French. This is supported as well by the practice and study of human, moral, and social values, and in which the students can find themselves amidst a real family.

Latin American School provides for its students various platforms where they can develop their incalculable skills, as well as working hard to build up their character, leading them to position themselves as leaders in any field, thus providing them with all the skills that are necessary for success.